Kid' Birthday Party

James Miller's Party @ USRC at TST

Mrs Miller arranged a party for James Miller and their guests at the USRC's Lawn. We set up our boxes and the kids tried their hand at "modern warfare" with realistic looking metal guns!

Here are the photos:



Conor's 8th Laser Shootout Party at SIS

Conor and his "band of brothers" had a laser shootout party on 20Mar2010 at SIS, here are the pictures taken on that day:


Clone Wars - Grant and his pals Stormed Island School

This s one of the most elaborate Laser Shootout party that we have come across so far. Mr Yim and Grant even prepared clone trooper helmets for his pals for photo taking! They look really cool in the helmets.

The clone warriors were also the first in Hong Kong to try out our mid range sniper rifle, the Charger. They also had a great time doing hunter-sniper missions in a few locations in Island School.

Mr Yim had requested for more photos, so here they are:


Emily's Birthday Party - Fathers vs. Daughters!

We had so much fun at Emily's party today, this was the first time our Laser Shootout team watch Daughters fighting against their Fathers. And boy were they outnumbered!

Nontheless, they Fathers managed to dominate the 1st mission with their years experience accumulated from playing shooting (and fighting) games. These girls didn't just play dead, there were tough! They fought back hard and managed to draw the second game! Awesome!

The group went on to play 3 more misssions and the Laser Shootout party ended with 3 more games of mixed group challenges.

See the pictures below:


Jake's Birthday Shootout on 10Jan10

Jake and his pals had a laser shootout birthday bash on 10Jan10. They had loads of fun shooting one another and playing the latest combat simulation game in Hong Kong, check out the pictures below:


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