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Laser Shootout as a form of Birthday Celebration (Delaney)

 Laser Shootout is gaining popularity as a form of Birthday celebration in Hong Kong.

Some people may think that only boys will like a party like that but interestingly the first birthday party that we did in Hong Kong was for Delaney Hughes, a sweet young eurasian girl from HKIS. The truth is that any child that is physically active will enjoy this game, which allows them to release their pent up energy through healthy exercise.

Our laser tag equipment are design to mimic real arms closely. It is by far one of the most realistic combat simulation (outdoor war gamming) equipment around in the market right now. The guns tracks the number of bullest in each gun, the number of magazines each player has and the number of rounds given to each play automatically. It can even track Who Shot You for how many times during the game!

These advanced features adds to the WOW factor of engaging us as a Birthday Party Celebration for your child. It will be one of the coolest party that your guests have attended and it will be the talk of the town for weeks to come.

Laser Shootout is not just a physical game that is like a computer game that came to life. Other than an excellent form of exercise, Laser Shootout requires participants to exercise judgement, leadership skills, team work and determination to accomplish mission objectives.

We are currently having our product launch promotion, do contact us to find out how you can be among the first few families in Hong Kong to host a Laser Shootout Birthday Party!

Check out our first Birthday Party for Delaney on 15Mar09 below: